Surviving Marriage’s Surprising Storms

How To Get Ready For An Adoption Home Study

Getting ready for an adoption home study can be nerve-wracking because the home study is a determination by a third party of how fit you are to be a parent and how well-suited your home is for children. If you don’t present yourself well during the home study, there’s a chance that you might not […]

Ash Scattering Ceremonies

After your loved one has been cremated, family and friends may want to gather to scatter the ashes rather than having them reside in an urn or other receptacle. Many people choose to release their loved one’s ashes in a location that was meaningful to the deceased. These ceremonies are lovely and traditional, but there […]

The Last Hurrah: Giving Your Loved One A Unique Farewell

Over the course of many people’s lifetimes, there is a chance that they will have to plan a funeral for someone they love. This is never an easy task, but it is even more difficult when you are looking for a unique way to say goodbye. When most people think of funerals, they have visions […]

Specialized Relationship Counseling For LGBT Couples

If you are in a same sex relationship that is in need of relationship counseling, then you will be happy to learn that there are many mental health professionals, like those at Blue Spruce Counseling, who specialize in the unique needs of LGBT clients. Relationship counselors can help you and your partner work on a wide […]

How To Make Funeral Arrangements

Few things are more disturbing than learning that a loved one or friend has just died or will be dying in the near future, which makes the responsibility of being the one designated to take care of the funeral arrangements even more difficult. Nevertheless, if you are the one that has to make these arrangements, […]