How To Make Funeral Arrangements

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Few things are more disturbing than learning that a loved one or friend has just died or will be dying in the near future, which makes the responsibility of being the one designated to take care of the funeral arrangements even more difficult. Nevertheless, if you are the one that has to make these arrangements, there are many things you now have to do. Below is a list of these tasks and advice on how to handle them.

Arranging Transportation

At this point in the process, the deceased is still at the location where they died (perhaps a nursing home, hospital or at home). You'll need to make a call to arrange to have the body of the deceased transported to a funeral facility or funeral home. This initial call arranges for the immediate transfer of the deceased, but it may be that a second transfer will be necessary later. This is the case when the family has already made prior arrangements for a funeral at another facility, or when the deceased has died away from home and needs to be transported to another city.

Note: If you or someone else has discovered the body of the deceased, and no one was there to witness the death, the police will have to be contacted.

Planning the Service

The next step is to start planning the funeral service (unless these plans were made prior to the decedent's death). This process requires making a number of decisions about the funeral ceremony, as well as which funeral products will be used and the final arrangements for the body (burial or cremation). Most people have very little experience with this sort of thing, so it's a good idea to turn to a funeral director at a home like the Holcombe-Fisher Funeral Home for advice.

Cemetery Arrangements

If the cemetery property that will be used has not already been purchased, it will be necessary for you (or the funeral director acting on your behalf) to contact a representative of the cemetery. You can then select and purchase the preferred burial spot or entombment space.

Available Funeral Products

You have a range of design and pricing options when it comes to caskets, grave markers/tombstones and other funeral related products. To a large extent, which ones you choose will depend on your budget and the references of the family. For instance, the family might prefer a small grave marker rather than a large and expensive funeral monument. Also, you might prefer to choose a less expensive casket if you're not going to have an open casket ceremony or visitation.

Making Prior Arrangements

If a family member or friend is gravely ill and it is anticipated he or she will die in only a few days or weeks, you may prefer to begin making funeral arrangements prior to the death. This makes it easier to arrange exactly the funeral the family wants and to do so in a way that is better organized and that minimizes your costs.


23 January 2015

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