Specialized Relationship Counseling For LGBT Couples

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If you are in a same sex relationship that is in need of relationship counseling, then you will be happy to learn that there are many mental health professionals, like those at Blue Spruce Counseling, who specialize in the unique needs of LGBT clients. Relationship counselors can help you and your partner work on a wide variety of issues that come with being in a LGBT relationship, as well as those issues which are similar to those of heterosexual folks.

LGBT Romantic Relationship Issues

Whenever there are two people in a romantic relationship with each other, there are always going to be disagreements and arguments. Adding in the additional issues that come from being in a LGBT relationship can really send things over the edge quickly when things go wrong.

Thankfully, there are many psychiatric professionals today who are either LGBT themselves, or who have been extensively trained to understand the unique issues that can affect LGBT relationships. This allows you and your partner to seek help from someone who will not try to fit your relationship in the "heterosexual relationship" box. Instead, they are able to see your relationship in a realistic light, and to make helpful suggestions for how you can improve its quality.

Additional Issues Unique to LGBT Relationships

All couples argue about money and household issues from time to time. However, there are an entirely different set of additional issues that can come in to play when it comes to romantic LGBT relationships. Some of these issues include:

  • homophobia
  • heteronormativity
  • coming out 
  • medical issues
  • discrimination

Homophobia and discrimination can add a large amount of stress to any LGBT relationship. As if life isn't already hard enough, the constant judgement from other people can really wear down a relationship over time. Sometimes counseling is necessary to see that your relationship is healthy can can withstand the external judgement of ignorant people.

In addition to the above list, LGBT couples of childbearing age often struggle with reproductive choice and parenting issues. Since childbearing cannot happen in the most common way, there are often issues of who will carry the baby and how roles in the family will be defined.


If you are in a same sex relationship that is experiencing difficulties, then it is very important that you seek professional help as soon as possible. By working on your relationship issues with a professional relationship counselor trained in LGBT issues, you and your partner can greatly improve your relationship's chance at happiness and longevity.


16 February 2015

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