Ash Scattering Ceremonies

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After your loved one has been cremated, family and friends may want to gather to scatter the ashes rather than having them reside in an urn or other receptacle. Many people choose to release their loved one's ashes in a location that was meaningful to the deceased. These ceremonies are lovely and traditional, but there are more unusual options available.

The following ash scattering options are not your standard fare of releasing the cremains into a body of water or in a scenic natural area. These ceremonies are for bold individuals who were not afraid to march to the beat of a different drummer in life or death.

In most places, a permit is required to scatter ashes and must be handled by a professional. It is illegal to scatter ashes yourself without going through the proper channels.


Your loved one's ashes can be scattered via private firework display. The ashes are mixed into the fireworks and are scattered in beautiful designs. These types of ceremonies require a permit for scattering the ashes and also for having fireworks. There are companies all over the United States that offer this service. The average price for a firework ceremony to scatter ashes is $3,000.

Shot into Space

There are a small number of companies that offer shuttle service to outer space. The ashes board a rocket ship with the ashes of many others who are the same space flight. The ashes can be scattered into space, shot into the moon's orbit, or launched into deep space. Prices range from $5,000-$12,500.


There are two different types of balloon scatters.

During the first type of ceremony, the ashes of your loved one are placed into a 5 foot helium balloon. Once the balloon is released, it makes its way through the atmosphere where it eventually shatters from the cold temperature at the extreme altitude. Once the balloon freezes, the ashes inside scatter. Prices range from $1,000-$2,500.

The other type of scatter is from a hot air balloon. The ashes are scattered in the air from a dirigible. The family can accompany the ashes on their ascent to the heavens or have the ashes sent up with a licensed operator who will videotape the scattering. Prices start at $400.

Sky Diving

There are several companies that offer to release ashes during a freefall sky dive. Some companies even provide this service for free. These companies are non-profits that run off of donations and are staffed by volunteer sky divers.

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22 May 2015

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